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Larry Enright

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Diana Rivers and “The Surgeon’s Blade”

Mystery-suspense-thriller writer, Faith Mortimer is delighted to add book three to her best-selling Diana Rivers mystery thriller series. This latest novel, “The Surgeon’s blade” is more chilling, tense and is described as a ‘real corker of a read’.
When nursing sister, Libby Hunter wakes up in hospital following a traumatic sailing accident she discovers two deeply disturbing things. One - she has lost her memory and two – the stranger, (Nigel) whom she finds sitting by her bedside when she awakes claims to be her fiancé.
During her hospital stay, Libby regains most of her memory, except the bizarre thing is she cannot remember ever being engaged to surgeon, Nigel. Against her will Nigel persuades Libby into agreeing to move in with him.  Working on instinct she finds excuses to put him off until she is completely sure of her true feelings.
During a series of attacks on nurses in London and Southampton, Libby finds herself in great danger when her home is broken into one night. Who is the intruder and does he plan on harming her? And is this connected in any way to the recent attacks on nursing staff. Will Libby be the attacker’s latest targeted victim?
Distressed Libby turns to pilot, Robert for help and understanding, but is he as respectable and kind as he appears to be? Is her fiancé, Nigel trustworthy, especially when his ex-wife, Stella enters the scene and Libby suspects them of rekindling their relationship?
The night time intrusion to Libby’s house sets in motion a downwards spiral of cataclysmic and terrifying events, culminating in our favourite sleuth, Diana Rivers stepping in to help solve the case in this chilling mystery thriller.
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About the author:

Faith Mortimer was born in Manchester and educated in Singapore, Malaya and Hampshire, England. She qualified as a Registered nurse and after some years changed careers to oversee a number of travel and sport related companies.

In 2005, Faith decided to read for a science degree with The Open University.  She believes that the dedication and stamina needed to sit for a degree gave her the confidence to finish writing her first novel. January 2009 saw the publication of, The Crossing”. This novel is based on a true incident and Faith thoroughly enjoyed the six months or so research that went into the book and the 18 months writing and editing.

In spring 2011 Faith published her second novel, The Assassins' Village”, a murder mystery set in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus. This novel was chosen as best book #1 on the Harper Collins/Authonomy site out of over 8000 books during November 2009. (Excerpt from the review can be found under Faith’s Amazon author page). Available in paperback and eBook.

Summer 2011, Children of The Plantation” was published. This is the second in the bestselling Diana Rivers’s mystery series.  This time the story is set in exotic Malaysia. “Children of The Plantation” was Amazon’s number 1 in movers and Shakers for 48 hours during October 2011.

Faith is thrilled with, The Surgeon’s Blade, book number three in her mystery thriller series and sincerely hopes you will be too. Please note any of the books of the series can be read in any order.
Please take a look at the stunning reviews for all Faith's books under each book heading. Almost all reviews  are 4 & 5 stars! Available in paperback and eBook.

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Faith thanks you for taking the time to read through this and gives a huge thank you to her dedicated readers and followers to whom she owes so much. 

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