Larry Enright

Larry Enright

Thursday, December 1, 2011

V Trooper - First Mission. A Review

I just read "V Trooper - First Mission" by Thomas Drinkard. Here's the purchase link to Amazon:

And here is my review. 5-stars - great read!

An interesting premise – a vampire soldier – and before “V Trooper” is over, you’ll be glad Boyd on your side.  He doesn’t change into a bat and he doesn’t shy away from crosses, but he does have superhuman senses, strength and speed, which make him a lethal weapon for covert missions. He also has the vampire thirst for blood, and that makes him a dangerous animal at times to everyone around him.

Thomas Drinkard plays this well in “V Trooper,” by making you constantly aware of the particular dangers of each mission and the persistent dangers of being in a war zone. This is mixed skillfully with the unfathomable danger of having a vampire around – even it he is on your side. The prose is tight and well done. The story moves at a good clip. The premise is carried out perfectly. It’s a quick read, not just because it is a novella, but also because the story drives forward with a fixed intensity that makes it hard to put down.

I enjoyed “V Trooper – First Mission” and look forward to the next installment. 

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