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Larry Enright

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I ain't 'fraid of no Ghost

Karen Cole is someone I met through the wonderful world of Twitter, and she's a ghost! Ooooo, scary, huh? No, not really. She's not that kind of ghost, nor is she a zombie, vampire, or any other type of undead creature. She is a professional ghost writer. Please take a few minutes to read through her guest post. It's very informative and I found it quite interesting. Thanks!

Hire a Ghost Writing Service!

By Karen Cole

Ghost writing is the process of writing an article, book or anything else on behalf of another party - when the texts are officially credited to that other party. Ghost writers are the people who normally do this, and they are typically hired by executives, celebrities, politicians and even musicians. However, over time this service has started to lean toward the academic side, where there is much ghost writing of academic material on various subjects.

Ghost writers have a certain degree of participation in the creation and management of such documents. Some ghost writers simply churn out an item, while in other cases ghost writers are hired to proofread items. There are also ghost writers who do writing on a certain topic, following strict guidelines that are provided by the client.
The services of a ghost writer have many advantages, and some of them are listed below:

Expenses: hiring a ghost writing service can end up saving you a lot of money. This is because ghost writing is relatively cheap as compared to other types of services, for instance the hiring of professionals in your field. Professionals are usually very busy people, and in most cases they have large orders waiting for them. It is due to this and other reasons that the fees charged by industry professionals can be exorbitant. A ghost writer usually researches on the topic, and comes up with high quality items.

Time: most clients usually do not have time to write their items themselves, so they begin hiring ghost writing professionals. The clients usually have very busy schedules, such as marketing their books (when the client is a writer). This does not give them time to write or proofread and make corrections to their items. A ghost writer can do this for you, so that you can have sufficient time to continue with other business.

Extensive research: this is another factor that makes people hire ghost writers. Ghost writers usually have excellent research skills, due to the experience they have gained over time in researching their ghost writing. This ensures that if you hire the services of a ghost writer for your items, you will be sure to get high quality research work from your ghost writer.

Anonymity: ghost writers are usually anonymous. This can be a big advantage for people intending to write a book, screenplay, memoir or even an article. The ghost writer stays in the background, and no legal cases will emerge years later after the success of a book. The ghost writers also have the necessary referencing style experience - this ensures that you do not fall into the trap of plagiarism, in case you are writing academic papers or serious medical research.

Reliability: ghost writers usually operate on deadlines. This can be important, in case you don't know if you might be able to finish an item in the given time. You can set a deadline with a ghost writer, and expect the finished work within a specified period.

Ghost writers provide writing services for some very reasonable fees. You can hire these services if you want to create a text of some type, but you do not have the time, means, writing abilities or creativity to do so.

GHOST WRITER, INC: Karen Cole is an affordable book ghost writer, copy editor, proof reader, rewriter and book author with a team of 100+ writing field and book / screenplay workers, some of which are New York Times best-selling authors. We do inexpensive marketing, promotions and publishing or optioning assistance, and we have contacts with literary agents, commercial publishers and literary or film field professionals. We also offer ghost writers for music and composition, such as rap music and other genres, and we have ghost writing for Facebook and Twitter as well.

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