Larry Enright

Larry Enright

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Buffalo Nickel Christmas

My new novel, Buffalo Nickel Christmas, is out. It's a Christmas story, my first Christmas story.

First, the cover...

It conjures so many images of Christmas, don't you think? A nickel with a bullet hole in it, two gun-toting thugs and their moll, oh and a Christmas tree! Rest assured the story is not about child gang wars of the 50s.

And now, the background...

For those who have read my other two books, you will recognize the narrator, Harry Ryan of  Four Years from Home from his days at Kenyon College, and the "Nickel's" protagonists Harry Ryan, Tom Ryan, and the Caswell gang from A King in a Court of Fools. Decades apart, they are brought together through the magic of the season to tell a story of the true meaning of Christmas.

Only those who have read Four Years from Home will appreciate the underlying irony always present in the character of Harry Ryan, but it is not necessary to know that to enjoy any story with him in it. Of course, if you are dying to know what that underlying irony is, you will just have to read  Four Years from Home.

Buffalo Nickel Christmas was written as a story for everyone. You can be a kid and enjoy the antics of the Ryans for the sheer fun of it, or you can be an adult or anything in between and appreciate it as a simple Christmas story.

And finally, the story...

It’s Christmas Eve in sleepy little Gambier, Ohio, and a massive snowstorm is giving the rural town more than just a white Christmas. Roads are closed, everything is shut down, and the monster outside is angry, rattling the windows and howling in the chimney.

Harry Ryan, a sophomore at college, has decided to stay at school over winter break to finish his term paper, but it’s not going well, and now he regrets the decision that has left him stranded so far from his family on such an important occasion. You see, as well as being Christmas, December 25th is also Harry’s birthday.

As he looks out his window at the stark and beautiful campus, at the icicles on the bushes along Middle Path, and the snow pasted on the windward sides of trees, and the layers of vanilla icing covering the world’s chocolate cake, it reminds him of a Christmas a long time ago.

Buffalo Nickel Christmas is the story of that special day. It begins with an ordinary boy in an ordinary world, but as a monster storm approaches, and Christmas Eve finally arrives, the boy discovers that he is anything but ordinary, and the world becomes a very magical place indeed.

You will meet some unusual people in this story, and hear unbelievable things. You might even see a wizard and a king or two. Sixteen forevers will pass in this book. That’s a very long time. Many magical things can happen when it’s sixteen forevers and still no Christmas. Whatever you do, don’t listen to that little voice inside your head that tells you it’s illogical, that it doesn’t make sense. Listen for the whistling teakettle and be ready with your wish.

Other things that go bump in the night...

If you wish to purchase Buffalo Nickel Christmas for Kindle, Nook, or iPad, please visit any Amazon or Barnes & Noble website, or click here to go to my website. -> Purchase Information

If you want to read a four-chapter sample of Buffalo Nickel Christmas please click here ->  Sample PDF of Buffalo Nickel Christmas

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