Larry Enright

Larry Enright

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A King in a Court of Fools - The Book of Tom

A reading from the Book of Tom:

There are three places you never want to be caught dead: at the Isaly’s without a quarter, downwind when Big Bob is farting, and anywhere near Sister Concepta’s office.

This week, the Caswell gang is in trouble, big trouble. A King in a Court of Fools is a story of kids being kids. Remember back that far? Follow the serial and it might help you remember what it was like just being a kid.

Here's the link (including, as usual, my dramatic reading of the episode):

What else am I doing? I am working hard on the sequel to Four Years from Home. I'm having fun with it, but it is a difficult write for me, sometimes very frustrating, sometimes confusing, sometimes inspirational. Time and energy are always the problems; I don't have enough of either it seems. But enough of that. I am having a blast with A King in a Court of Fools, so enjoy!

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