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Larry Enright

Thursday, April 25, 2013

How Teddy Roosevelt Slew The Last Mighty T-Rex - a review

How Teddy Roosevelt Slew The Last Mighty T-Rex

Teddy Roosevelt was a renaissance man of the type you just don't see any more. He was a writer, a naturalist, an explorer, a politician, a soldier, and President of the United States for two terms. This story takes places after his unsuccessful run at a third consecutive term (back when that was still allowed) and he was sorely in need of something outlandish to refill his bruised ego. What better than go exploring an uncharted river in the jungles of Brazil?

At that time in history (1913) the Amazon jungle was a fairly mysterious and unexplored place and full of danger and adventure, perfect for a man like Teddy Roosevelt. The exploits of his expedition as portrayed in this book are based on the actual ill-fated Roosevelt 1913 expedition with, of course, the addition of the Mighty T-Rex and some intrigue and suspense within the various characters in between.

As you read this story, you will find yourself traveling down the River of Doubt in a dugout with Teddy Roosevelt, swatting away the millions of biting insects, admiring the famous president’s unique leadership and acumen, looking out for danger around every bend, and wishing there weren’t so many impassable rapids between you and your destination.

What I found most interesting in Jacobs’s telling of this tale was not the build-up to the moment when they were confronted by a dinosaur, it was the weaving together of the overwhelming hardships of such an expedition, the bravery of the men facing them, the politics of keeping it all together, and the nuanced interplay of human relationships that make for an overwhelmingly likeable story. And, of course, the Mighty T-Rex!

All in all, a wonderful story that I highly recommend to everyone.


About the author

Mark Paul Jacobs lives in lovely Dauphin, Pennsylvania. He enjoys fishing the Canadian north, poker, and annoying his wife. He has authored two novels: How Teddy Roosevelt Slew the last Mighty T-Rex, a Historical Science Fiction tale set in 1914, and the hard science fiction novel: The Yaakmen of Tyrie, a powerful and mysterious tale of bravery, loss, perseverance, betrayal, and redemption. He is also quite proud of his awe-inspiring short story: The Day God Winked and his chilling novelette with the provocative title: The Watchers from within Moments Revealed, an almost universally well reviewed work for which he has written a screenplay suitable for an 'Outer Limits' episode. These and several other works are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, and How Teddy Roosevelt Slew the last Mighty T-Rex and The Yaakmen of Tyrie is available in paperback via Mark is working on a movie screenplay tentatively called Stain which is a gritty murder conspiracy based in Central Pennsylvania similar to the movie 'Fargo' or 'Reservoir Dogs'. Please enjoy his works and don't be afraid to tell him what you think on his Facebook page, twitter account, or by email. And lastly, please take the time to leave him a review of his work; it doesn't have to be long or long-winded, but it does make him feel that his hard word has touched someone's life in some way. You can leave a review wherever his books are available.

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