Larry Enright

Larry Enright

Friday, March 18, 2011

Confessions - please consider this one.

"Confessions" is a novel by an accomplished writer named Ryne Douglas Pearson. You may have seen his movie "Knowing," a 2009 Nicolas Cage film that is one of my favorites. You may also have seen "Mercury Rising" which was based on his book "Simple Simon." I have read a few other of his works and his writing is really special. I encourage you all to consider the small investment of time and money required on your part for the fantastic return of intellectual enjoyment and reading pleasure from reading his novels. Here is description of "Confessions" the first chapter of which is now included in "Four Years from Home" as a bonus!

A call in the dead of night summons Father Michael Jerome to a suburban Chicago hospital—a police officer has been shot. As department chaplain, Michael arrives to find that the officer will survive.
The same cannot be said for his assailant, who lays mortally wounded on a gurney, begging for absolution for some past sin. Offering last rites to the dying man, Michael hears his final confession and is shaken by the admission of a crime committed five years earlier.
A murder that shattered his family.
Struggling with the constraints of his faith, Michael moves cautiously as he tries to identify others involved in the vicious killing. But every secret he uncovers leads him further down a path where it becomes clear that someone is desperate for the past to stay buried.

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